About us

We build moulds from small to large, our assembly has experience with moulds up to 55Tons. Our experience extends to 2-component moulding, insert moulding, proto moulds, stack moulds, vertical moulding and family moulds with up to 43 different products out of one housing. We assist the customer in his choice for the connecting mould. Hydraulic or mechanical, single or multi-cavity, hand operated or robotized: we can help you to find the perfect fitting solution.

Ramix: the company


Ramix is a specialist for moulds with complex core technology such as rotating, fold-back, and slide cores for the production of, pipe fittings and more. We also have extensive experience in constructing moulds for high temperature plastics (mould temperatures > 150ºC).

Global presence

Ramix Injection Moulds can be found all over the world. We offer mould solutions in all countries, through dedicated agents or directly. Our wide spread presence also keeps us informed about the regulations and specifics everywhere. We continuously use our experiences to improve our products and support our customers even better.