Hot Runner for PVC fitting

The material price is an important cost factor. Due to the sensitiveness of PVC for temperature degradation, the processing time of the material within the runner is a critical issue. As a result, the Cold Runner is used in 99% of the applications within the market.

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Flawless system for PVC

We have used our extensive knowledge of PVC processing to develop a flawless Hot Runner system for this material. The process and temperature stability is excellent to avoid PVC degradation. The system combines our experience with our innovative capabilities to create cost reduction and ease of process for our customers.
Advantages are:
• Lower material usage
• Less handling without the Cold Runner
• Less production interruption (the small sprue will not get stuck)
• Compact mould design can result in smaller production machine
• Cycle Time Reduction (mechanical mould, less handling time, no sprue, shorter injection length)