Insert moulding moulds

We have manufactured high precision insert moulding moulds, both for vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines. Our vast experience with the tool specific demands ensures that we have the perfect mould for both automated or manual inlay of the inserts in the mould. This choice is based upon the customers demands and also, in general, geographically defined.

Ramix - the productlines

Insert moulding process

The insert moulding process generally involves inserting metal components in the mould tool and then overmoulding it with plastic. The geometry of the metal insert defines the strength of the mechanical bond. The detailed design of the core and the closing surfaces within the mould defines the quality of the product. Ramix moulds have been designed to produce burr-free during their lifetime.

In Mould labelling

With in mould labelling of packaging and fitting products, we can supply a complete system including automation. Ramix is experienced in both electrostatic and vacuum positioning of the labels.