We at Ramix Injection Moulds encourage mutual respect and cross collaboration in our corporate culture in order to achieve growth and innovation, and to enhance operational excellence. We have highly motivated employees, who will go the extra mile to satisfy the customer. Ramix Injection Moulds supports the good works of philanthropic organizations. Each year, we contribute to one or more of these organizations.

People - Planet - Profit


Ramix Injection Moulds stands for a proactive approach with respect to the natural environment that contributes to solving environmental problems. Aspects such as environmental management, chain management, life-cycle analysis and eco-efficiency are important for our organisation. Also, this means that our environmental efforts are visible and transparent, so others can see how we deal with the environment.


We believe that our success is defined by the success of our customers, we contribute with offering our complete know-how of moulds within the pipe fitting market and the market of high temperature plastics. It takes a partner to deliver the best possible fitting mould for a fitting price, not just a supplier. Starting point for the development of any project is creating ‘Cost saving solutions’ in the complete life cycle. This 'Cost of Ownership' is leading in our effort to create the environmental added value for our customers, employees and our community.