The Ramix Process

Quality starts with defining the customers demands and other particulars.
The Ramix Engineering Department is deeply involved in this stage, to ensure the perfect fitting mould concept for each customer.
In order to ensure the high quality of each concept, the engineering of all projects will be done in-house.

Ramix knowledge center

Full service level

In the second fase of a project, the Ramix R&D Department material will further improve development and processing by intensive research in our injection moulding Test Centre. We have several injection moulding machines in our Test Centre with a capacity up to 1200Ton.
In this way we can test and approve all moulds internally.
Ramix is part of the Rollepaal Group, which supports Ramix ability to supply complete projects, from small to large. Complete production plant concepts and equipment including auxiliary equipment around the injection machine.
Sorting, packing, assembling, insert moulding, material handling, vision systems, inline quality control, IML equipment, we can supply your complete project turn-key all over the world.